Submissive woman

nillawafer  is a 44 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking women
Have you ever had your peanut butter spread all over a vanilla wafer? If not well heres your chance. I am 31 years old. Divorced. I have long naturally curly red hair. A big butt made for lots of lovin, big brownish green eyes, I love to fish, hunt, cook, camp, give long hot massages, camp, and most important of all I love to spoil a man. I am a submissive woman. I want a man to tell me what he wants and I will give it to him. I never make the first move. Unless i have had a couple of beers. I want a man to tell me what he wants, and I will do it. I have a great sense of humor and a wonderful personality. If you would like to know more, contact me.
HisSub916  are a 43 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
She is a very sexy blonde 31 year old submissive that lives to follow her masters orders. I am her master, a 40 year old firm but gentle, demanding but understanding dominant guy that expects her to follow his commands. We are both clean and disease free, we do not use drugs but enjoy having a drink or two. We are looking for a woman or a couple for Discreet Relationship, Misc. Fetishes, Exhibition/Voyeurism or Other "Alternative" Activities. You are a submissive woman, or if you are a couple, either the male or female must be submissive. You are not into pain, but a light spanking is fine. If you are the dominant half of a couple, then lets get together and have our subs follow our directions. We are not looking for endless email contact, we only want clean and disease free people who are ready to play and have fun.
sensualkiten  is a 41 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Hi. I am an attractive, caring, intelligent and creative young submissive woman. Who is seeking a compatible man to love and spank me.
CHOCOLATETYY  is a 43 year old bisexual, single female from , , who is seeking women
Hi my name is tyy, i am looking for a submissive woman who is willing to spoil metrust me you wont be sorry.
njwarmheart  is a 55 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
DWF pear bbw. Intelligent, pretty, strong, emotionally stable, submissive woman... no children.. i love reading, old movies, cooking, football, games such as scrabble and cards... strongly sexual - love intimacy, touching and being touched. Looking for a LTR although will not settle for the wrong partner just to have one. i am financially secure, not looking to mother or take care of any man. I did not include a picture for safety and privacy issues... but will provide one. i seek a Strong, Intelligent, Independent, Dominant, Witty, Educated, Emotionally Stable, Medically Sound, Financially Secure "SWM". 39-54 years of age. Should be 5'7" or over. Needs to have a love of life and strong sexual drive and into sensual exploration. Do not respond if you are weak or submissive. Distance is the great equilizer in trying to develop a relationship. Please about an hour of NYC or closer. i am ultimately looking to find a combination - social/sexual and D/s relationship.
teuthida  is a 56 year old bisexual, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am a naturally submissive woman who has denied my internal longings and needs for too long. i am seeking a Master who is secure within Himself, intelligent and likes laughter. He will be someone deserving of my respect, devotion and total obedience.
SillyNotStupid  are a 41 year old bisexual, married couple from , , who are seeking women
W/we are both professionals in the Albany area looking for a submissive woman to join U/us. W/we are searching for a real companion who would enjoy doing movies, dinner, etc. in addition to O/our lifestyle. i guess the best way to describe it - is a submissive friend for me to play with. i am extremely submissive and am looking for someone to be submissive with.
grzdlightn  is a 58 year old bisexual, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am a intelligent, well read, content submissive woman who is seeking the One she can commit to and serve in a LTR possible 24/7 relationship. i possess a strong dominate personality in public with an off-beat often sarcastic sense of humor who is on a quest to enjoy my life to the fullest. But when the doors close at home, He knows that my total desire is to serve Him and serve Him well. His happiness and contentment is my greatest joy. i am His totally and completely, He controls my mind, body and soul. He possess great strength of character, is strict and firm in His control, means what He says and says what He means. He will enjoy ALL of WHO i am both in public and in private. Due to my somewhat "high profile" public persona my public life and private life must remain separate. But by a touch, a look, a wink a smile He will know in public that i am his total submissive and that i truly know who Master is. i crave, need and desire being able to give total control up to Him and not have to think, just be....... to follow His commands without question and know that by doing so He is happy.
ouicouple  are a 52 year old bi curious, married couple from , , who are seeking couples
We are a couple looking for some good times and maybe regular encounters with a nice submissive woman. She is 5'4, 120, 41, very attractive and submissive, always ready for sex. He is 5'11, 170, handsome, imaginative and Dom. She is bi-curious (it is new to her and she loves it) and love to cum often and a lot! we're both 41, clean, open and pretty kinky. We live in Montreal, but spend lots of time in Toronto. So if you live on the way that would make a nice pit stop :))We also enjoy parties held in private places, with a few selected couples invited and some nice women. he also speaks french. Have a great day! xxx
NickyNick  are a 40 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
US: We are comfortable, happy people looking for a good snugglebuddy with her own kinks. we both work with computers all day, read lot and spend most of our time enjoying life. He is very dominant without being pushy, loves to give back rubs and long hugs. She loves to snuggle naked, play board games and test drive new lubricants. We are happily married, play exclusively with women and are looking for someone with whom to share a good time and maybe more. YOU: We are looking for a friend that can watch old movies naked and still laugh at the funny bits, even when blindfolded. You must like sex and snuggles with girls and boys. You know the meaning of negotiation. You like yourself, your body, and your life, you enjoy strange conversations, and have time for friends. You like/are not afraid to talk about sex before actually having it. You enjoy hanging out with your lovers, not just fucking them (that's not to say it won't happen early and often!). Caveat: we are both scorpios and we are looking for someone who is not afraid of our sexuality.
tampacpl2  are a 55 year old straight, single couple from , , who are seeking women
We are a healthy and happy couple who enjoy pushing the envelope of sexual adventure from time to time - I am Dominant, my partner is a petite Submissive woman - We are available in the Tampa, FL. area. - We are both in good shape - We are looking for a fun, and happy female partner to join us on occasion for dinner and an evening of outside the mainstream pleasure - Ladies, if you are interested in this ad please respond with a recent photo of yourself and also describe what your interests are
MoSandsweet  are a 56 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
we looking for a submissive woman that into the lifestyle.
SirWk  are a 64 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
We are looking for a bisexual submissive woman to come play with us. You should want to be controlled by a Male Dominant, as well as bottom to him, and want to enjoy the sensuality of a woman who loves to love other women. Please be drug and disease free, and a non-smoker is preferred.
hotcouple4U  are a 56 year old bi curious, married couple from , , who are seeking women
If you are a woman and looking to join a fun couple for some wild and incredible sex then you need to contact us and let's cum together right now. Reply now and tell us about you and what you like. We enjoy all aspects of sex from mild to wild. She's bisexual and we both can make you feel like you've never felt before. Cum along and join the fun.
skylark169  is a 45 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am 35, attractive, successful, happy and loving. I am considered kind, adventurous, curious, uninhibited, smart and a lot of fun to be with in and out of the bedroom. I am classy, love to be nude, also love to dress up and have nights out. My submissiveness and fetishes are the complement to the dominant side of my lover, and I am looking to meet someone to get to know, communicate, develop trust and enter into a relationship that will help us both enrich our lives with the intimacy and support and sexual excitement of a safe, sane, consensual, meaningful relationship. I am looking for a relationship with a dominant man, a friend and lover who knows how to treat a submissive woman and would be considered caring, courteous and supportive, interested in sharing intimacy. Someone who is safe, sane, disease and drug free, single, imaginative, loving and wise, attractive and honest. Local, fit, unmarried men from 30-45 are my requirements. Someone once wrote me that “It is always one or the other, never both. ” Meaning women like me often find attractive, kind, intelligent men who love to go to dinner, talk, laugh, have similar interests, and are even good lovers – but they are not interested or are unable to take me to the depths and heights of vulnerability and trust and release through exploring our limits and enjoying the fetishes and kinks that are so special in the BDSM world. And within the BDSM community, there are dominants who will gladly, eagerly say nasty things, spank you, pull your hair, fuck your ass, mouth and completely physically dominate you, but not mentally or emotionally. They are really interested in their pleasure and think that a submissive woman is a human token, to be used and abused. They would never to the little things like kiss your neck, fondle your body and whisper in your ear as you recover from or anticipate their plans. To them, a submissive woman is just a euphemism for instant blow job. My service and submission is unnoticed and unappreciated. Baseball/Football fans (and I hope that my dominant is a fan of both) will understand when I say I want the Dion Sanders choice: BOTH. Yes I want to be fucked, fucked hard, I have a lot of extreme fetishes and interests and want to share them. I want to serve my dominant lover by giving him the control over my body, I want to please and serve him and fulfill his needs as best as I can. But I also have a mind, a sense of humor, a spirit that the right dominant partner will cherish and encourage with conversations, dinners, time together and he will surprise me with an occasional massage, bubble bath or cuddle session. Being submissive, a slave, or whatever you want to call it is so much more than simply submitting to your master. The power play exists between both people - there is an exchange of power, and a deep seated trust. I would hope that in the long run it can be within a loving long term relationship. We both need to know our limits, be confident and try to know each other’s needs even better than we know ourselves. It is not just getting into my ass, mouth, pussy – it is my mind. That means we need to be able to communicate, start slow, talk about everything and my dominant lover must understand the effects of his actions, that my desire to serve for his pleasure can grow limitlessly under his wise patience and directing me in a manner which is pleasurable to my core being as a submissive. In those terms the Dominant is the giver, the submissive the receiver. But this flows back and forth between me and my Dominant lover - me 'giving' obedience and consent to him, him 'giving' direction and control to me. Yes I do have some control, because we will talk about thresholds of pain, limits, and scene controls of signals or words. Ahh but those limits – they are precious to our relationship. Those limits become like a love child to our relationship, something we talk about, cherish, encourage, test, nurture. My Master is always thinking of my well being, but those limits are special opportunities for me to grow, and my training is dedicated to further knowing, exploring and pushing those limits. You are the keeper of the relationship and you want me to grow, you know how to control pain and watch to ensure that I am OK, you push me into subspace and after the scenes my non-pain and non sexual needs are equally important. I am looking for someone that takes pleasure, satisfaction and self-awareness from a relationship with a willing, trusting submissive, someone that derives intense satisfaction in guiding a lover to releasing herself freely and completely, and seeing her through the emotions of fear and vulnerability that come with such an opening of self.
Chastitydom  are a 44 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
We are a couple in NJ, dom male and switch female, looking for a submissive woman to join us. We enjoy a good deal of BDSM in our play, and our third party should as well. 24/7 is a possibility, but we want to start slow, and build from there...
velvetluvDD  are a 66 year old straight, single couple from , , who are seeking men
We are a fun loving couple who seek to enjoy someone who is interesting in being with a couple.a female who is not ashame to be with two people and who is fun loving and enjoy life as it comes. we a STD free and hope the same from that person.If so be this person will become a live in submissive one.If interest do hit us up.I prefer a submissive woman who inot anything BDSM to bi who like nursing and much more.If interest Iwill tell you more what would be expected of you
biparadise  is a 33 year old bisexual, single female from , , who is seeking women
ill fill this out later
FemelleSoumis  is a 34 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Being a newbie submissive woman everyone always asks you the same things...What are you seeking and what is your perfect Dominant? I am seeking a Christian Dominant Male who is seeking a long-term, if not permanent D/s relationship with little or no pain, nothing involving extreme pain, etc. (I do have some hard limits right now...but would be willing to discussion new things later in the future), to everyone in the outside world we would seem a very "vanilla" couple, but we all know just how many times looks are deceiving, he must have a strong Christian faith, be highly intelligent and very, very, very patient...being a newbie to the BDSM world and having only limited and "vanilla" experiences to date my training would be from scratch and very involved...It is unfortunate that I have to but this last part in...but from the PM's I have already received...please let me state this: I maybe a newbie to the BDSM and I maybe a submissive women however that does not make me gullible, unintelligent or a doormat, if that is what you are seeking please look else ware. I hope that you find what you are seeking...even if it is not myself. Be Well
tman630  are a 44 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
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