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neicedrz  is a 46 year old straight, married female from , , who is seeking women
Hi, I am looking for a play toy to have wild sex . Please no strings. I also would like a phone sex partner for when I can not get away for the real thing. I have a very sex voice.
mmeeooww  is a 44 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Hello there, I am looking for uninhibited , no lies, no bullshit sex!!I would like to find a sex partner that is not full of $#@!. I want it all... one on one, threesomes, whatever feels good. If this sounds good to you hit me up......... I will only reply to emails with pics attatched..... thanks...... mmeeooww
katnohio  is a 57 year old bi curious, single female from , , who is seeking men
READ ALL.... I'm looking for a single White gent 5'10' & up, who is fond of a variety of pleasures ie:The arts, outdoors, classic rock, movies, intelligent conversations, snuggling, good wines, kissing, traveling. I'm not looking for head games, or drama, just a relationship to grow into something permanent. If you are just looking for a sex partner don't bother me, but if you are looking for someone to share other passions with and a sexual relationship then we have a start. If you have alot of baggage, I'm not interested. If you are confused about what you want in a relationship, fogetaboutit. You want fun and no drama email me. if you are intelligent, honest man, get in contact with me.
AnnjaSue  is a 63 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Hello. I am an intelligent, educated, loving, caring BBW woman of 53, with many interests. Some of those are traveling (my most recent trip was to Hedonism III in Jamaica), movies, science fiction (especially the new Battlestar Galactica), college football and basketball, eating, beer, dancing, volleyball, reading, sex, sex, sex, and learning new things. I am NOT interested in married men and NOT interested in men looking for just a sex partner. I also am NOT interested in men under 36 years old. I have nothing against younger men, but I have tried it several times, and over time, the interests and experiences are just too different. I am interested in meeting a man who likes some of the things I do, is intelligent and honest. A man who can and will travel with me, share his mind and body with me. I am interested in a man who enjoys sex and is open to trying new things, including toys, bondage, teasing, role playing, and more, but even the best sex fills only a part of the time. If you cannot carry on an intelligent conversation, then you are not the man for me. I do not care about looks or size, but being neat and clean is essential. I am not looking for marriage, but would like a long term relationship. Note: Although I am highly sexual and sexually adventurous, there is NO sex with someone till I know him well. This means several meetings with him. For some reason, the men I have gone out with do not seem to understand that when I tell them in advance there will be no sex for several dates, it means there will be no sex. You may be irresistible and that is a good thing, but trust me, if you treat me like a lady and take the time to get to know me, you will not be sorry.
ourfirstime  are a 48 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking couples
We are each others first and only sex partner and are starting to feel we missed out on the different person experience. We are a nice, normal couple with no issues, and are very curious what it would be like with someone else. We would like to meet a nice easy going couple who are new to this also. I would like to watch my wife perform oral on another guy, she is great at it. we are both straight.
mimi14  is a 66 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Looking for an older, intelligent man, who is looking for a partner for friendship and intimacy, without all the games.. I am not a slut.. Just an older woman who knows what she wants.. It is difficult for a woman to go on these sites and actually admit she is looking for a "sex partner".. Hope I'm not making a big mistake.. I am BBW (FAT), so if this is a problem, then you won't want to meet me.. otherwise, send me a message!
nicecpl9  are a 40 year old bisexual, married couple from , , who are seeking couples
We are looking for either bi females or couples to meet and havesome fun with. we are not just looking for a sex partner we are looking for friendship and someone that we can be friends with.
horsegirl  is a 32 year old straight, married female from , , who is seeking women
Hello. my name is mandi. i am looking for a girl partner. this would be my first time and i am willing to try it. i like to do anything like hang out with friends and stuff like that.
1SinfulCouple  are a 63 year old bisexual, married couple from , , who are seeking women
'attached'ually adventurous, very much in love, 'attached' couple; he is straight, I am bi. We’re not here looking for love, just sex!! - steamy, hot sex and lustful play; we both love giving and/or receiving pleasure. We create such an aphrodisiacal atmosphere; he goes for hours on end and I just keep cumming and squirting, over and over, and over, again! He loves it when that naughty girl in me comes out for playtime! (and so do I!) We crave sinful pleasures and want to experience the added spice and naughtiness another bi-female will bring into our already intoxicatingly lustful sex life. ***Our age seems to be a deterrent for some without reading our ad or getting to know us. I can tell you that sex has never been so good and we are far from being "old" in both mind and body. Sex has gotten a thousand times more exciting, more lustful and extremely orgasmic. We are an insatiable couple; with no inhibitions. All this has come with "old" age!!! *** We would love to videotape some our playtimes. Would you like to be our videographer? Umm…making a video for my lover! That gets me wet! Hmmm… Let’s see…….. what we are looking for?..... Are you a BI or /BI Curious female? Do you have a passion for lusty sex and erotic fun play? Do you enjoy sending your sex partner into ecstasy? And does this turn you on? Do you like being a little nasty & sexually naughty, as I do! Then come play with us. You won’t be sorry!
youngandolder  are a 33 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
Almost happily married couple, 15 years difference between My wife and I, Her being the older of us. She is a stripper and has all the male attention She could possible ever need and want, whilst I on the otherhand play the role of house husband, almost completely cut off from the real world. As you may have imagined its hard to get any "Play Time" from someone who deals with belligirent guys being asses all day. Not to mention, the fact that My sex drive (being 22 and "just a guy") takes up about 99. 2 percent of my active thoughts per day. The other . 8 percent gets divided between food and sleep. We got married right before my 19 birthday, the Four Year mark is running up, and yes I mean Running! Time always goes by quickly when your content, We are very content with eachother, and still, We are also very much in Love with eachother. We also know, that if I don't get some of this out of My system, that I might regret getting married so young, and we don't want to have problems like that, when, and if we have kids, and settle down. Plus I don't think she wants to feel as if she robed me of my youth. As far as looks go She'd say that I'm hot as hell, I personally wouldn't go that far, but I'm by no means unattractive. She doesn't look a day over 25, a natural red-head, but its died blonde, very petite, except her butt, loleyes'h is perfect in my book. I have Brown hair and eyes', not muscle bound, but muscular, tall and lean, very little body hair, and a very strong jaw line, I have very native american features, even though right now I'm white as a ghost. We are seeking straight, or Bi Ladies. For casual sex to broaden our horizens, My wife is straight and not so interested in playing as watching, although don't qoute me on that for she does like the attention she gets from bi and gay ladies. As I said before we are quite happy in our marriage, and the key words here are : casual, and no strings, we are not looking for anything other than a casual sex partner, if you fall in love or get attached easily please do not apply, as we will not and wouldn't want to cause someone else the pain of a broken heart. get back to us if your interested. Araikon and Wife P. S. there isnt enough women in the world.
sweetluv1983  is a 32 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Im hot, sexy and naughty girl who needs a serious spanky hot sex partner
wydaylight  are a 61 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
Seeking beautiful women as sex partner for fun couple. He has great hands and an amazing tongue. She is stunning with spectacular hair and a body she spends $thousands on! Seeking casual affair or long term regular relationship. Can arrange to provide housing and a car for the right person to live with us. High visibility couple requires very descret play mate. Can also provide full time job cleaning our 4 homes in the area as a cover for our great times under the covers. We can rock your world and spoil you!
TightNWet  is a 29 year old bi curious, single female from , , who is seeking women
Im a single bi-curious female, 20 years old and i'll be honest, for the time being i just want to have sex...but not with just anyone...someone i think can turn me out and more like a friend/casual sex partner...
wetalthetim  are a 46 year old bisexual, single couple from , , who are seeking men
We are a loving single couple that would love to find that special gal that would love to do both me and him... will will travel a short distance.. looking for that great sex partner..
gombas  are a 64 year old bi curious, married couple from , , who are seeking couples
This is the first time for us contact will be with me first . For occasional meetings with a man for social meeting and discreat safe sex with my wife and me . I will always be present . Wife is dominant type and dictates the pace . She needs a man who can satisfy her. I will watch and participate . If interested she will want us to indulge in sex oral and maybe more . No pressure Must be clean and safe . Contact me by email .
XPunishxMeX  is a 29 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am a 21 yr old female looking for a master or a bondage sex partner. I am a bit goth. I have purple hair, eyebrow ring, tongue ring. My fantasies include being bound, gagged, blindfolded,punishment,pain,humilation,blood,piercings, and the list goes on. If you are interested mail me a picture and a description of who you are. I do perfer 23 to 30yr old men. No One over 30! Thank you. I hope I hear from you.
ironhorsesass  are a 65 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking couples
looking for sex partner
bustyfemmedream  is a 32 year old bisexual, single female from , , who is seeking women
Ok so I am so trying this again - I know you are out there somewhere!!!!!! YOU: - femme, sexy, attractive, kick-ass persoanlity, with a zest for life and who is comfortable in your own skin - (sorry if i offend but i am into femmes)great smile and definitely a great sense of humour (very important) ME: femme, sexy, european, great sense of humour and smile ..... It helps if your a breast lover. PLEASE RESPOND WITH A PIC - NEED TO KNOW YOU ARE A WOMAN >>>>>>>> I am bisexual however I am not just looking for a sex partner but also someone who I can connect with and talk to on a friend level. <<<<<<<<<<
mikeypie  are a 27 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
we just want someone to be ready to have fun at any time with no attachments and that person needs to have a great sexual apitite
fuckmehardnow1  is a 33 year old bisexual, married female from , , who is seeking women
search for fun clean sex partner for casual sex. not stringsattached. sorry i don't host. no hard anal pounding.
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