Passionate woman

norcalgal  is a 61 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Hello, Here is an elegant, passionate woman of splendid proportion who is looking for a unique man, who knows what he wants in a woman, lover, companion, friend, and yes, a possible mate. A man who can communicate his feelings of life, love, sex, passion in seeking his quest. Romantic in loving to travel, dance, quite times together of candelight, music, or just walking on the beach and having the desire for a woman of passion, romance, love, intelligence, with a very seductive sexual nature... if sincere, free of playing head games of emotions and is true in what you seek.. I would love to hear from you.
Trick_Pony  is a 57 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Hi!!... I am lookin for someone to have fun with.. someone that has a sense of humor... likes the outdoors.. or.. to just stay home and do nothin.. lol.. I have 2 sons.. twins.. 17 yrs. old... I am a very passionate woman... but.. do not sleep around.. if any of these things appeal to you.. look me up!!
l00king4fun2  are a 48 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
Hi---we are an attractive, open, honest, happily married couple that are looking for that special woman who is just as passionate about sexual satisfaction as we are. I want to find a playful passionate woman for my gorgeous husband to please and be pleased by and if you turn into a "friend" better yet but not necessary, so, no strings, no games I assure you. It's really up to you. Just be open and honest and we'll do the same. If you are into both men and women, great, but again, its completely up to you.
hotcheetah  is a 49 year old bi curious, single female from , , who is seeking women
This is certainly not the conventional singles dating website. I am hoping to find someone I really click with, in all areas so I thought I would try this. I'm not really comfortable posting a pic here but have a lot of recent ones I can send. I am a very sensual passionate woman. I am very honest, fun to be around and always take very good care of my man. ps....very attractive too
flcapricorn2003  is a 40 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am 28, married, with open relationship. Have all the fun I want. Looking for guys in area to hook up with. I am sweet, and have a little bit of a wild side. I am also bi curious, would like to be with a woman.
spicyliving  are a 45 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
A very handsome, attractive and athletic man and a beautiful, feminine and passionate woman are in search of a couple who have a solid relationship and who feel that they can handle being with another man and woman if that all important chemistry is there - "and enough vodka", so my wife says as she stands beside me.
scarlett671  is a 60 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am a loving, honest and very passionate woman. I have been divorced for many years, having spent my time developing my career and bringing up my son. I now feel it is my time to enjoy life and would like to meet someone to enjoy great times with. I do want a sexual relationship, but prefer it as part of a more rounded relationship. One where we spend time doing other things together too. I am not interested in men much younger than myself, certainly nobody younger than 40 years old. I am also not interested in married men, sorry. I have a great sense of humour and love to laugh. I am intelligent and can hold a conversation... !! I enjoy eating in or out, walking along the beach (I live right across from a lovely beach), drives in the countryside, going out for a drink with friends, theatre, cinema and watching a good film on TV cuddles on the sofa. There are many more things I enjoy, but I am sure if we get to know each other we can both find out the rest about each other. I prefer a tallish man, strong, smart and easy to get along with. Someone who can make me laugh would be great and who is passionate. Good luck to you all.
bbwHoney4u  is a 61 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Looking for young, sturdy male who wants to serve an older, sexually passionate woman. It will help if you are bright, funny, mature for your age, and you don't mind taking orders. If you do your chores the first time you are asked, you will be rewarded. I will teach you how to become a more disciplined, attentive lover. Preferably you will be available some weekday afternoons and/or late nights. You will have your own life. This will not be immediate. If you are in a rush, I am not the one for you.
honeypeaches  is a 57 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Im an veteran of chatroom and personal ads. I want to meet someone real. Not someone who just wants to view me on cam so they can jack off and find the release their wife is unwilling to give them. I want to enjoy life... indoors and out. I want to go camping, swimming, fishing.... while Im young and able to do so.... I want to play inside from pillow fights that end up making love to stolen kisses while making dinner... to nooners on work days if the chance presents itself. Im a passionate woman with a lot to give the right man. Does he even exist? I don't know. But Im not dead yet, so I haven't given up.
slowsweetness  is a 52 year old bisexual, single female from , , who is seeking couples
Hello, I'm a sweet, honest, and passionate woman in the eastern ky area who would love to meet a attractive lady for occasional fun times.
AZsun  is a 57 year old straight, married female from , , who is seeking men
I am a very passionate woman with hazel eyes, brown long wavy hair with a full figure. I enjoy cuddling, watching movies, taking walks and talking and laughing. I am in search of an intelligent, professional who likes to laugh, relax and have a good time. I have a couple of secrets and I like to give oral as well as receive to a good tasting/smelling man. Unfortunately I presently am not in AZ full time, but do own a home there and visit often. I would like to chat with you and find out if we connect. What do you think? I am waiting to hear from YOU!
avoluptuous1  is a 53 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am looking for a friend, playmate, lover who is into women of size... I love great sex and require a person who is not selfish in or out of the bedroom. I am Spanish but look like a white woman... I am 5'5, I now have long auburn hair, big brown eyes, strait teeth, full lips... I am extremely busty... A 44 in the chest and my cup size is an F cup. I have a big ole butt... muscular legs, thick thighs... nicely trimmed... well manicured hands and feet. I have been told I am beautiful but think of myself as just cute. I am single, no kids. I prefer you to be single too... I am an avid sports fan and hopeless romantic. GO MAVS and STARS!!! I love museums, art exhibits, movies, theatre, music and love to read anything from a romance to a great thriller or historical novel. Basically I am a passionate woman with a high sexual appetite. I can't help it... I LOVE SEX. I prefer men with big dicks and talented tongues who know how to please and be pleased in return. I am a DRAMA FREE woman and must have a DRAMA FREE man. Fellas please have a JOB, place of your OWN, be INTELLEGENT and more than that... be respectful of WOMEN in general... PERIOD. I am not looking to have your kids, be your mama, or baby sit your butt. I practice safe sex... IF you are allergic to condoms you need to pass my beautiful sexy self by.... I do NOT discriminate and love men of ALL color. Especially Black and Hispanic Men... yummmm! I am open to all kinds of ideas... As long as it is safe and fun. I know I have probablly lost half of the people out there with my preferences but... HEY, if you do not ask for what you want, you won't get what you NEED.
wild3911  is a 50 year old bisexual, married female from , , who is seeking men
Yes!!! I am married so what.... Least I have the Guts to Admit it, I"m a passionate woman who takes life as it comes and make the best out of every sistvation. Don"t judge me, because I choose to find a little extra in my life.. So come on boys lets have some hot sex fun.......
Carole375  is a 49 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking couples
Big passionate woman in Northern Cal seeks kissing cuddler to soothe away cares. Looking for a man who knows what he wants.
Sweetkitty  is a 34 year old bisexual, married female from , , who is seeking women
Couple looking for pretty, slim, woman to share fantasy's with.
dressdsgnr  is a 66 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am an independant, creative, passionate woman seeking a man to regularly spend time with. I own my own business and have a full and busy life, but I seek a special man to fill an empty space in my life....someone to share great conversations and sensual encounters and together appreciate the little things that make life special. I have an imaginative sense of humor and appreciate a man who can trade verbal repartee as well as carry on an intellectual conversation. Music is a personal passion and I seek someone with a similar need for musical expression in any form. I am a caring person who is well worth knowing and can enrich your life in many ways.
passionista  is a 40 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am a passionate woman that loves to have fun. I feel that laughing is good for the soul. I am very sensual; I love to touch and feel, smell nice etc. etc. I can also be very strong and dominate. At other times I can be very accomodating. I like men that are clean, funny, and sensual. A man with the understanding that great intimacy starts (maybe not in his) in a womans mind.
shayna_lynn  is a 50 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I'm a PRE-OP TRANSSEXUAL, but I'm all woman, all the time, especially in bed. I live as a woman day to day, and I'm legally female on all my documents but my birth certificate. I came out over twenty years ago and am on hormones. I AM NOT FUNCTIONAL AS A MALE, so please don't expect me to be able to do so. NO CYBER, OR PHONE SEX, or anything else, other than real time, hands on full contact :) I am a very smart, strong, confident, independent, passionate woman, with submissive tendencies when it comes to sex. This makes for a unique mix of submissiveness, and dominance that many men enjoy, and some find downright irresistible. As such a woman, I expect the same level of confidence, wisdom, and passion from my man. (Sorry subs, and slaves, I need a real man) I like music, dancing going out with friends and having a good time. Movies, shows, or just a walk on the beach or in the park. Picnics are nice too :) I enjoy all manners of sexual play, from vanilla sex to B&D/S&M, spankings, and tickle torture (especially my feet) to roll playing of all kinds. I have recently been enlightened to the ponygirl phenomenon, and find it very intriguing, to say the least. As this particular scene feeds into all of my fetishes. Shoes, leather, lingerie, bondage, spanking/whipping, MASTER/slave and so on. I guess it's safe to say that I'm into anything but kids, and animals, with very few exceptions (nothing gross or nasty). I also enjoy spending time doing "so called" mundane things with my lover, like staying in and watching TV, or just being there for each other, taking care of one another, and seeing that all is in order. I love cooking, and taking care of the home for my man, and myself as well. Call me old fashioned when it comes to that :P Personally I find these aspects of relationships to be the best, and very key to forming a strong emotional bond :) OF COURSE THAT INCLUDES LOTS SEX :) IF YOU'RE MALE, and you think you have what it takes to measure up to my strict standards, feel free to give it a shot. Just know upfront that I DO NOT ALLOW touching of my "extra" You must be 150% straight, respectful, and treat me as the lady I am at all times. Unless I say otherwise. I am very sexual, and passionate, and very well versed in the art of making love. I will reward the proper actions with the appropriate reactions. You must be proud to be with me, and be seen with me, discretion is not what I practice, so forget about that. I don't play second fiddle to wives or girlfriends, and I don't do couples either. I will be the most important part of your life, or non-existent! I appreciate a man that has the ability to keep up my sexual appetite so, you should be fit, and in shape and also have a high libido. If this is you and you, like what you see, and read here. Get to know me, and find out if we can be a thang. I'm in the gender exchange room most days, and nights. Just know that I'm never single for long. Timing is everything!!!! THANK YOU FOR READING MY AD :)
hb2501  is a 44 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am a tactile and passionate woman... so come on... let's have some fun...
NiceLadyUms  is a 66 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Tend to be upbeat and outgoing. Definately a romantic, affectionate, sensual and passionate woman - may be flirtatious with the person I am involved with. Interested in someone who is kind, loving, gentle with somewhat old fashioned values. A gentleman and one who is passionate about life & love, but also love the bad boy in you.
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