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123sade  is a 57 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I’m a 5’ 3, ” petite, blue eye, blonde woman. Very good looking and horny and I have my own pool table use your imagination!! Look for casual sex with a man between the ages of 24 to 40 and who has sexual chemistry & is attractive & well equipment, and I mean well equipment please!. There’s nothing like a big dick! You young man here is your chance to be with an older woman and I’ll make should you have a great time. You ask why on the internet because I don’t get out to often! I don’t do chat line or phone sex the real thing or nothing. But if you want to be with me I need a picture. No married men please!!
Chacklit  is a 42 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Its simple MEN, Im looking for someone who isn't into games. Meaning... no Liars, Cheaters, Married men, Involved Partners.... you Guys get IT! Also men know what you want, don't try and figure it out while your seeing me or talking to me..that's bs and honestly a lot of you are to old not to know who you are by now and what it is you need. Just be honest with yourself and me and you never know where things can go. I'm also not into any bi stuff, cam stuff, and long drawn out letters. If you want to get into fantasy you'll just have to get to know me. I'm only into DICK / COCK however you like to call your toy. Preferably well hung and thick dick. But don't get me wrong it takes more than a big dick to make this pussy wet. So men don't give up if your in the small department... =). I been on and off this site for about almost 2 years and I've heard and seen it all. At this point I have no tolerance for bullshit, just simple. So please keep all the games at home, don't bother emailing me if your just looking for a fuck buddy, i prefer friendships first and hopefully some of my meets will end up in great sex. So on that note, I need a man who not only wants to be with a woman in and out of the bedroom but who knows how to treat one. So if your up to having a good-time without the drama email me. Oh and NO WOMEN. Women its very flattering to get tickles and notes, but I only am willing to deal with ONE Pussy , MINE!!!! Ciao
LuvCpl94533  are a 55 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
Hi we are Dan and Lisa from Fairfield, CA. Dan is straight 42 WMA 5-8 200 nice smile, big dick and loves giving and getting oral. Lisa is WFA 37 5-2 135 and bi-curious, very oral and really knows how to make a woman smile:) We are looking for select females and couple for swap, oral, threesomes and more. Please no single males!
CARAMEL217  is a 51 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
38 year old, tall, sexy, thick, sweet, eployed, outgoing, african american woman. Looking for a tall, single, sweet, kind, understanding, employed, african american male. In search of someone who likes, movies, theater, jazz music, sports a plus! Looking for someone who can hndle their business inside the bedroom as well as outside the bedroom if you know what i mean? Being well endowed is a plus, in other word extra points for a big dick carrier!!!!!!!
jengriff28  is a 39 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
I am looking for a man with a big dick and that knows how to use it. I want a man that knows how to treat a woman in and out of the bedroom. If this sounds like you email me and I will get back to you.
cutencountry  is a 38 year old straight, married female from , , who is seeking women
I have a caramel complexion, 38DD breasts, thick in all the right places, juicy, fat, shaved pussy, horny as hell. I am looking for a female to share with my husband (has a big dick). We need someone who knows how to be discreet and has to be a freak. You must loved being sucked, licked and fucked and vice versa. I'm dying to taste a woman's pussy and my husband is dying to watch. I'm also anxious to watch my husband suck and fuck another woman's pussy. So if you game and think you can hang, send me a message.
adulttoys2u  are a 59 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking women
We are looking for fun, open-minded people to party with. Must be clean and discret and love sex as much as we do. Must love oral, giving and receiving and toys. Like big breasted women and big dick men, but fun personalities most important. We ar a open-minded couple who like to party and almost anything goes. She is very bi, 36C-27-37 and very oral, loves women and also loves 2 dicks at once. She has a LARGE assortment of toys and uses them well. He is into everything sexual, very good with his tongue, loves to watch his wife with another woman and join in if agreeable by all. Both considered by others goodlooking. We have had many threesomes, but have never swapped partners, but would consider anything with the right people. Open to new experiences.
horney91981  is a 34 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
Tall sexy light skinned skinny female seeking tal black men who has a long thick dick to put in my wet deep pussy. groups are welcomed as well.
mimi704  is a 28 year old bi curious, single female from , , who is seeking men
I'm looking for a nic sexy , big dick , and intelligent . they have live in chicagoland area . they must have they own private place and car and never been to jail in life.
Hedonistcouple4u  are a 41 year old bisexual, married couple from , , who are seeking women
We're a happily married sexy interracial couple looking for hot hung single men for friendship, fun, socializing and threeway sex! About us; Very much in love. Swingers. Love sex. Love threeways with both men and women. We're fairly normal. Average I suppose. Attractive. Very erotic. I'm Black with a caramel complexion, long brown hair with blonde highlights, sexy brown catlike eyes, full luscious and very kissable lips and I'm told I have a dazzling smile! I'm 5.2" a thick 135#s, 36c-28-38 with big breasts, dangerous curves, big round thick-n-juicy ass and nice legs! I turn heads. Ron is white, short dark hair, brown eyes, handsome, very masculine, goatee, nice smile, 5.10", 200#s, strong and sexy with a big dick. We're average. Not porn stars or gym rats, but we are cute and we're very sexy. We're looking for a sexy single guy for friendship and fun. A FWB. Someone we can party and play with. We're not lookin to meet strangers strictly for sex! We'll need to get acquainted over drinks or dinner to get comfy. If we all hit it off, *(That means you need to get along with BOTH me and my HUSBAND) then we can take things to the next level. Single men need to be between 23-40y/o, intelligent (that means you can carry on a conversation about something other than sex and swinging) you should be very good looking, must be confident, outgoing (if your shy or if your really quiet, move on) you should be at the very least height/weight proportionate (and I prefer muscular or well defined bodies, but personality goes a long way!) You need to be comfortable with couples, in fact, we'd prefer a guy who's either been with couples before or who has been in a relationship where you shared your girl with another guy. You must know how to treat a lady, but not be afraid to make the first move on me in front of my husband! NO SUBMISSIVE MEN! Nothing is more of a turn off to me than submissive men. No wimps please! You need to be well hung! That means long and thick. No teenie weenies please! More about that later! I'm lookin for a guy who is comfortable in his skin. Comfortable with hanging out socially with a couple and comfortable with being in bed with a couple. He should know what he has, know what he wants and know how to fuck! I enjoy men who have a good sense of humor & who know how to have fun outside the bedroom. You should know how to treat a lady. You must be discreet and understand that we're NOT interested in public displays of affection or exhibitionism. I don't want to look like a slut in public. Save that for the bedroom please! We're a couple and we do this as a couple only. I don't want a boyfriend. I'm not at all interested in meeting you alone. If you even ask we'll just blow you off entirely. We'll only meet you socially at first to determine if we click. However, once we're alone I like a guy who's aggressive and dominant sexually. Not afraid to be forward and direct. Comfortable with making the first move in front of my husband and who enjoys sharing a woman with another guy. I would like to find a guy who's comfortable with his sexuality. He should like being in control sexually. He should be verbal and aggressive! I like a mix of intense deep, slow passionate exchanges and fast, hard, rough sex. Hard deep pounding, hair pulling, ass slapping, mild choking, dirty talk, face fucking, deep throating, gagging on your dick makes me wet! I love anal sex and I really really love double penetration! Basically I just love being held down and fucked senseless by my husband and another hot guy at the same tim! I love being under the control of two, strong hung guys just using my body for their pleasure and making me cum over and over again in the process! So be prepared to give me the slut treatment if we end up in the bedroom! OK, Now that I've got your attention and your dick hard let me tell the catch! LOL! Keep in mind, we're a married couple. We do enjoy this a great deal, but we're not looking to just meet strangers for sex or for any kind of anonymous encounter! We want a friend with beneifts, not just to meet strictly for sex! You should be prepared and actually want to go out and have fun socially with a married couple. We can talk, flirt, have some cocktails, a few laughs, maybe have dinner together and if we all click we can go somewhere private and party on! Before we get into the bedroom let me tell ya about who I DO NOT want to meet: No men under 23. I like men, not boys. No men who live with their mommy & daddy! If you can't entertain at home, we're not interested. I like adults. No men over 40. This is negotiable, but if your over 40 you need to be really hot. Local men only! If you don't live in the Chicago area don't bother us. 50 miles or less! Travelling to Chicago area? Good for you but I'm not interested in meeting you if your here on business! I don't care how often you travel to chicago. We're lookin for a local FWB. Not a guy who needs a booty call while he's in town. We're interested in local single men only! Wanna come from 2 states away to party? Your nuts! If you want to travel 200 miles just to meet us, then there is something seriously wrong with you & we're not interested. Local men only! No obese men. If your fat, you know it. No men under 5.8" I prefer guys that are on the taller side. No SUBMISSIVE MEN! If you want to be controlled by a woman or fucked with a strap-on or dominanted in any way then move on. I'm not into submissive men. Not even a little. I like dominant men who enjoy being in control of a womans body or even in control of a couple. No gay men. We don't mind bi guys as long as your dominant and prefer women more than men. But if your looking to suck dick or for a primarily gay encounter, go find a guy & enjoy yourself! Size matters men! Yes, I said it. I know many of you don't wanna hear it, but it is true. If someone told you it doesn't matter, she lied to you! Don't be mad at her, she didn't want to hurt your feelings! But it does matter guys! Big time! So to sum it up; No men who are less than 7.5 inches long or who are less than 5" around. If your not sure how big you are and you think you might be too small, then measure it, or move on! I'm looking for well hung men only. I like big thick dicks! I know, I'm a total slut and so very wrong, but I get to decide who I fuck and I say it's a guy who's packin! OH, and I want to be able to verify your well endowed. Guys lie. I won't accept a guess! My husband is well hung, we measured;(he's just under 8" long x 5" around & circumcised) I want a guy about his size or even BIGGER. Cut or Uncut are both wonderful as long as your CLEAN! You must have good hygiene guys! I don't like a lot of hair. Trim it up. Shave it. I love shaved balls! MMMM! If your not well hung, please don't bother us. Really thick cocks are a good thing, even if your not that long. I can work with thick! But I'll need to see proof. What you think is thick may not be thick to me, sorry. Proof is required guys. Pics are a must. If you don't have a pic, got take one. It's not complicated. It's too easy to get pics online for you to even try and give us some bullshit excuse. I know, size shouldn't matter this much right? I've heard it all before and we know all the cliches! Such as; "I've never had any complaints before..." and "Its not size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean..." LOL! Sorry guys, I hate to burst your bubble, but that's laughable! Women won't 'complain' to you about how small your dick is; we tell our friends & laugh behind your back!! SIZE MATTERS! Don't fool yourself! Your oral abilities, your incredible stamina and your amazing ability to repeat perform won't impress me unless you ALSO have a big cock! My husband has a great tongue and killer oral skills, he's got all kinds of stamina and he can repeat perform! All that and he's well hung! So I won't settle for anything less! Sorry little guys, but Big Dicks are what impress me! I know, I sound mean and it's not fair. Get over it. This is about MY fantasy. And my fantasy is a hot guy who's hung. If your cute, intelligent, have a good sense of humor, are laid back and well hung please introduce yourself to us. Don't just send us some stupid reply telling us you want to fuck! Be a man and introduce yourself like a gentlemen. Tell us about you, tell us why you think we'd be a match (I get that you think we'd have good sex, I mean OTHER reasons!) and send us a clear and unobstructed face pic! We won't do a blind date under any circumstances. We won't respond to guys who don't provide a photo!
parlook  are a 48 year old straight, married couple from , , who are seeking couples
we are a swed couple 40-46 years old that like to meet a couple or a women that like to have sex infront of us real closeup and let us see all that you are capable to do when you let it out and of course we do the same for you and maybe we can take fotos or film eatchother. wMarie are 169 cm 59 kg black hair all shaved below and likes it in all three openings dildos,bigdildos,fisting ,sexmachines swings (not swingers) and kinky cloths like latex and kinky movies and to make her man satisfied in whatever way he wants. Ken is 173 cm 88 kg blond whit a tail even he is totaly hairless below and a 15cm byt rather wide cock that works werywell and he even likes to be analy stimulated but not by men or even bs-men only women is aloved in that area. we want help whit fotos ,movies ,and that you dont whant to shift partners but maybe the ladys help eatch outher whit dildos ,a helping hand (fisting) and marie want to try a women that likes to lick her but she dont know if she will do that back. we have webcam and even if we get cam contact irl is niser and a dream for us. you dont need to be to fat ,and we dont realy like hair around the private parts and the man dont need a big dick better if it is normal. but most importent is that you like to let us see and likes to seeing us in every way we can and maybe masturbate when we watch the outher couple. And if a women get interested she can play whit anything exept the husband,to start whit at least and she maybe can help out whit fotos film etc and give Marie a helping hand and hopefully likes to play whit herself infront of us and a little kinkiness is never wrong so please contact us very soon so we can start this sexgame for lovelyer times Best reg M&K
luv2scktits  is a 44 year old gay/lesbian, single female from , , who is seeking women
I'm Sexy, brown-skinned, with long locs and I just love to suck some big ole tits! I like to see a big dick from time to time too. I prefer a guy with some meat on his bones, a sexy older man with a big dick, that he likes to stroke for me. But, back to the women, all horny BBWs of color.. holla at me.
lickmyc11t  is a 44 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking couples
I want someone that loves to lick, suck and use their tongue to fuck me..... if you have a big dick then fabulous, let me take it for the ride of your life (with protection only) sorry no bare back - I'm clean, healthy, don't do drugs and have never had any diseases and want to stay that way!! YOU have to be super clean - I've no interest in meeting someone that indulges in drugs for recreational use - don't contact me. I'm only interested in people that derive all their pleasure from licking, sucking and drinking - if you don't have fun and get a real hard on from doing this please, please, don't bother contacting me.
sexylady1964  is a 51 year old straight, married female from , , who is seeking men
hi i am 41 and married looking for men aged 30 to 45 for sex as my hubby can not keep up with me i need a man with a big dick and who can last a long time as i need lots of sex so if u think u can give me what i want please get in contact
blkBBW4BigDic  is a 46 year old bisexual, single female from , , who is seeking women
I'm a blk bbw and I'm seeking a very endowed local southern cali man I like tall men with atleast a thick 9 inches I love a big dick with a big juicey head on it I want a orally talented man because I love to get my clit sucked hard I'm a cum freak so I want to cum as much as I can as often as I can I love to suck dick I'm not @ interested in married of involved men because I may want to get some dick @ two am I'm free in the evenings not looking for afternoon quickies if you have a big thick dick love to eat pussy like bbw's are drug free disease free drama free and I repeat a big dick send me a message with a way to contact you not into to texting and emailing I want live contact if you don't want to really meet don't waste my time
tryinsominew  is a 29 year old straight, single female from , , who is seeking men
i'm looking for a chick with a very big dick
davebing  is a 64 year old straight, married male from , , who is seeking women
My wife can't meet my needs so here I am. Must be totaly discreet.
MandingoBrother  is a 37 year old straight, married male from , , who is seeking couples
Well I am 6 feet 6 inch tall dark skin brown eyes. I like to play sports, watch movies, go for walks, love to eat out at good places. I am outgoing like to be around my family and my two dogs baby girl and tiger. Well I am looking for a open minded woman/women that is smart, fun, outgoing, like to just crazy at the right time and just be herself. I like to meet someone that can be nasty with me that likes a big dick and want to play with it all night long. That like to be lick and played with the same that like oral sex like I do
bigdickcox  is a 25 year old straight, single male from , , who is seeking women
Hit me up women
waxuhmillion  is a 27 year old straight, single male from , , who is seeking men
looking for sex woman who wont 1 thing
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